Our Church Leadership

Our Church thrives because of the energy and style of the people who lead it.


Here are a few of the people that make our church community special:


The Rev. Kathy Genus - Installed Pastor

Rev. Kathy Genus served as a Certified Christian Educator for small and large churches throughout NJ prior to becoming a Pastor.  Rev. Genus is a graduate of New Brunswick Theological Seminary in New Brunswick, NJ.  Our pastor's passion is to encourage each member of the congregation into a deeper relationship with God that will expressed through our shared lived lives.  Rev. Genus focuses on being the church and building relationships in order to be better neighbors within the community we are called to serve. 

Rev. Genus brings varied and creative approaches to our worship and our spiritual formation and is intent on creating opportunities for all to serve and to grow.  

Zach and Joseph.jpg

Zachary Wright - Director of Music

We are privileged to have the gifts and faith of Zachary Wright with our community.


The session of All Souls is made up of 11 elected and ordained elders. Each serves a three-year term and may be elected for a second consecutive term. 


The responsibilities of the session include:


  • Building and Grounds                 

  • Christian Education

  • Congregational Care

  • Evangelism and Public Relations

  • Mission

  • Nominating

  • Personnel

  • Stewardship/Finances

  • Worship and Music


In addition, the session annually elects a clerk of session and the church treasurer.  The pastor serves as moderator of the session.  The session is responsible for directing the life and work of the church.

Current Members of Session: Dan Brakewood, Carolee Brakewood,  Don Davis, Eva Grezlak, Penny Kovacic, Deborah Pfau, and Mary Alice Warner.                            

Moderator: The Rev. Kathleen Genus
Clerk of Session: Deborah Pfau
Treasurer: Dan Brakewood