Spiritual Formation

At All Souls Parish, we endeavor to grow in our faith as we journey in community, engaging the Bible, serving others in love, and praying together. 
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Spiritual formation
We provide childcare for children ages 3 and younger in our staffed nursery for parents who wish their young children to be cared for while they attend worship.
We believe that children are a valuable part of the whole family of God and we are not worshipping fully when they are absent. Children are warmly welcomed and embraced in worship in every way that grown ups are. During the worship service we provide a special message for the children and invite them to participate in the service in other ways such as reading and singing. Recognizing that we all learn differently, there are worship bags for the multi-tasking child who learns best through being busy. These bags include ways for children to engage in the worship service through coloring, reading, puzzles and games.

We are a congregation who values all our generations and do so knowing that we are at our best when we are playing, working and learning together. We offer various opportunities throughout the year for all our generations to join in fellowship and learning. Some of our events have been a Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, a Doo Wop night, and creating and learning about Prayer beads.



Learning opportunities for Adults are offering throughout the year with an emphasis on choice and flexibility. Each session lasts anywhere from 3-6 weeks. We have had a Spirituality Group as well as a group that chose to read various Theologians and discuss how the ideas, they uncovered might enhance their faith. Bible studies were offered during Advent on African American Spirituals, Praying the Psalms through Art, Lenten Study on the Last Week of Jesus life as well as a Presbyterian 101 class. Our Fall offerings will focus on a season of Sacred Story
whereby we will form small groups to uncover our faith journeys, exploring how they developed and where we might be headed.